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Pleasure Lakes

The South and original lake built on site back in 2003 has been developed primarily as a pleasure anglers water. The lake is 2 ½ acres in size with one small island and depths varying from 3 feet to 8 feet. Having a good average depth allows it to fish well throughout the year. The south far bank is protected by a wood along its entire length and can offer shelter from strong southerly winds. The bankside vegitation offers excellent cover for margin fishing especially in the warmer weather and evening times with all varieties of plants and reeds attracting the fish.

South Lake

The North Lake also dug around the time of the Bottom Lake offers good bankside cover for the fish and depths again from 3 to 8 feet. It is a smaller more homely kind of lake from the South one but lacks nothing. Around 1 ½ acres in size in a kidney shape with a canalised section at the back of a large island that you can fish from.

Both Lakes have been stocked with approximately 15,000 fish each and offer a broad diversity of species and sizes. Tench, both green and golden to 5lb, Bream from skimmers to fish up to 6lbs, Barbel up to 3 ½ lb, Crucian Carp to 2lb. The larger Carp are up to around the 17lb mark, however, the majority vary between 1lb and 12lb of varieties Mirrors, Commons and Ghost. Roach and Golden Rudd to 1lb, Perch to 2 ½ lb, Chub and Ide to 2 ½ lb.

North Lake

All methods can be fished from pole to waggler or feeder. On warm calm days floating baits can catch the bigger Carp. Dog biscuits and bread being the choice of many. Hair rigged hard pellets also work well on the tip but dont leave your rod unattended as even the smaller Carp or Barbel will easily drag it in!

A golden rule for avoiding nuiscance fish is to plumb your swim accurately and decide where your going to fish the peg. Then feed heavily initially, before the small fish know your even there. This ensures you have a good carpet of feed on the bottom ready for when the larger fish arrive. Then feed very regularly throughout the day. If you introduce maggot you are asking to be pestered by small fish, you have been warned! Pellets, meat, sweetcorn and paste always catch the better fish. Expander pellets work all year round.

If you see John on site call him on his mobile or stop and chat to him. He can provide you with all up to date information and baits that catch well at Sunrise. You'll often find him in the office at the Match lake or wondering about the site.

Note: Please observe the notice boards on site for any changes and up to date information regarding rules, policies and match information.


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