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Fishery Rules

1. Barbless hooks only.
2. No keepnets except for pre-arranged matches and knock ups of 6 or more anglers.
3. Groundbait may be used via pole cup or feeder only.
4. Carp and coarse pellets may be used but not trout pellets.
5. Maximum of two rods only.
6. No Bolt or Fixed rigs.
7. No cat or dog meat/nuts.
8. No dogs, fires, alcohol or radios.
9. No litter, line, tins or cigarette ends to be left at the peg.
10. No fish to be killed or taken from fishery.
11. NO TINS ALLOWED AT THE PEG AT ANY TIME (please transfer corn or meat to bait boxes).

Anyone not adhering to the above rules may be asked to leave the fishery and may not be allowed to return in the future. We do not wish to take a hard line but these rules are to protect both you and the well being of the fishery and the countryside.

The Management of Sunrise Lakes reserves the right to re-appraise and / or alter any fishery rules at their discretion at any time.

Thank you for observing our basic rules and respecting the beauty of the site and other anglers around you. We sincerely hope you have very enjoyable days fishing at Sunrise and we look forward to seeing you again very soon.


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