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Match Lake

Recently at Sunrise we have added a 60 peg lake that can be booked for matches and 'knock ups' comprising of 6 anglers or more.

Match Lake

The lake has been stocked to the tune of 20,000 fish up to 4lbs. Stocking comprises of Mirror Carp, F1s, Crucian Carp, Bream, Chub, Ide, Barbel, Roach, Rudd, Perch and Tench. The lake has been designed to require all methods from pole to tip to waggler. Widths and depths vary around the five islands and pole rigs need to range from 3 to 9 feet deep. Wherever you may fish, plumb the depth very carefully as one peg may be shallow and the next twice as deep! Pellets score well all year round especially expanders, with paste working well in the warmer months and maggot working well over the winter time. Whilst the islands always draw the angler to fish tight, most of our winners tend to catch much closer where speed can play a part. Steady feeding being the maxim and good concentration for those finicky F1s and Crucians (The bristle may only slightly move but tune in and a fish a chuck can be the result!

Match weights are consistent and are evenly spread around the lake with winners turning up from almost anywhere. Flyers are yet to be established as our fish seem to prefer to roam! Results are usually very close and the fact that most of our matchmen are still sat studying their floats until the call of time only proves that they are always in contention without the fear of being beaten by a monster at the death! Over the recent winter period weights have been taken to 40lbs plus and backing weights are usually not far behind. The summer looks promising especially as the fish are only growing larger! Nets are anticipated to be possibly double that of the winter period! The current lake match record stands at 79lbs.

Keepnets are exclusively provided for use during matches by prior arrangement only for a maximum period of up to 6 hours. Individuals will be required to provide their own landing nets. NO OTHER KEEPNETS ARE ALLOWED BUT OUR OWN!

Pleasure anglers may fish the lake when matches are not taking place. Please check the website or notice board by the shop for match bookings. Exceptions to this restriction may be offered when only a small match is taking place and your distance is kept from the participating matchmen. Permission is required should you wish to go on the lake on a match day. Please give John a call on 07979 803207 or ask on site.

For match booking details, please see the matches section.


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